The Company’s approach is to produce renewable products and services in an environmentally acceptable andSection Through  The Gravity Pressure Vessel
affordable way and to implement well-established procedures, including:

  • Wet-Air Oxidation – Aqueous Phase
  • Super-Critical Wet-Air Oxidation
  • Dilute-Acid Hydrolysis

To enhance these processes the Company has exclusive use of the patented Gravity Pressure Vessel (GPV).   This engineering tool makes the processes more efficient and economic to operate.

The GPV is an elongated steel “test tube” that is freely suspended from ground level.   It is placed in a vacuum and housed in an air and water-tight steel – or fiber reinforced plastic – lined concrete bore hole.   An open-ended pipe hangs within the test tube to within a meter of its concave bottom.  The diameter of the GPV is determined by hydraulics to ensure that the velocity of water is maintained at between half and one meter per second, and is limited to around 700 mm.   The vacuum is maintained by securing a pressure cap between the test tube and the lined bore hole.   An exhaust pump continually extracts air to maintain the vacuum.

The GPV works by causing an almost immediate change in temperature of the water solution at the bottom of the open-ended pipe hanging within the test tube.   This temperature change can be readily promoted by injecting superheated steam, or oxygen, as well as by inducing an exothermic reaction from a chemical process.  To enable these processes to occur small diameter pipes are suspended from the surface inside the open-ended pipe to carry these products to the heating/interface area.

With the rapid rise in temperature the water solution – which is under pressure – becomes super-heated, and then rises up the inner open-ended pipe to the surface.   This solution drags colder water behind it from the feed water supply and the rising hot solution transfers heat to the down-flowing water through the pipe wall.

The Gravity Pressure Vessel as a self-priming heat pump with no moving parts.