Business Summary

BIO-EN Corp. has planned, designed, engineered and signed agreements to build and operate a facility using the Gravity Pressure Technology in Weak Acid Hydrolysis to convert biomass to fuel grade biofuel and other commercially usable by products.
The Facility will be built on the Island of Malta and it is anticipated that it will be fully operational by the end of the 4th quarter of 2016. The planned facility is designed to integrate existing proven technologies used in the waste and distillation industries with the patented Gravity Pressure Vessel technology for converting the cellulosic content in biomass into fuel grade biofuel and other byproducts that can be sold in the open market.

When the Malta plant is completed, the Company plans that it will be a model for Bio-En’s solution for an environmentally friendly waste management process, and a means of turning waste material into fungible commodities at a profit.

Further development of the project is conditioned on funding of the project.